Chemical Evolution, Stated ClearlySince 2013, the Center for Chemical Evolution has produced six original animations with Jon Perry of Stated Clearly: “Can science explain the origin of life?” “What is chemical evolution?” What was the Miller-Urey experiment?” and “What is the RNA world hypothesis?” These animations are meant to engage broad sections of the U.S. population with contemporary chemistry research. They are brief, easy to understand, and full of information about what our scientists spend their time working on.

The Center for Chemical Evolution has collaborated with Stated Clearly to produce Spanish translations of five animations: "¿Que es el ADN y como funciona?" "¿Pueda la ciencia explicar el origin de la vida?" "¿Que fue el experimento de Miller-Urey?" and others . Each animation produced from this partnership will be translated into Spanish.

These programs are not just intended for popular consumption; they are useful in formal education settings. The Center is currently developing curricula for the animations to be deployed in middle and high school science classrooms.