Science Taverns and CafesThe Center has been part of a national movement of science cafes where science is brought out of the labs and into public spaces – typically a bar or restaurant. We have been fortunate enough to partner with the Atlanta Botanical Garden in developing two of their recent summer series: Evolution (Summer 2011) and Science & Arts (Summer 2013). In addition, we've had many of our Center members participate in another local science café, the Atlanta Science Tavern, as guest speakers over the last four years. Contact us if you are interested in hearing from one of our scientists at an event you are organizing.

Past Science Cafes and Public Talks

March 2014 Story Collider Nick Hud, The New American Shakespeare Tavern, Atlanta

November 2013 Meteorites Matt Pasek, Tampa Bay Fossil Club

October 2013 How the lessons of biological evolution guide our search for the origin of life: A status report on the search for the origins of RNA and cellular life Nick Hud, Atlanta Science Tavern

September 2013 First Life – Translating Scientific Data into Music Martha Grover & Steve Everett, Atlanta Botanical Garden

August 2013 Group Intelligence – Using a Public Art Experiment to Mimic How Life Began David Lynn, Adam Fristoe, & Meisa Salaita, Atlanta Botanical Garden

August 2013 Space in Your Face Eric Parker, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

August 2013 Molecular Paleontology of the Ribosome: Resurrection of Ancient Biomolecules Tim Lenz, Atlanta Science Tavern

May 2013 Spark of Life: The Miller-Urey Experiment – 60 Years of Origin of Life Research Eric Parker, Atlanta Science Tavern

March 2012 The Chemistry of Life & Evolution Nick Hud, St. John's Seminary: Los Angeles Archdiocese

November 2011 Peptides: A New Vocabulary in the Language of Life Savannah Johnson, Atlanta Science Tavern

September 2011 Resurrecting Ancient Life Eric Gaucher, Atlanta Botanical Garden August 2011 Chemically Defining Life Greg Springsteen, Atlanta Botanical Garden

May 2011 Searching for the Origin of Life in Darwin's Warm Little Pond Nick Hud, Atlanta Botanical Garden