Origins research leads to new calibrant

Ion mobility - mass spectrometry is a technique which allows for molecular shape measurements in addition to mass measurements. Based on our origins-of-life research, we have developed new a ion mobility calibrant for accurately determining the shapes of various polar and acidic molecules of interest. This will aid not only our origins-of-life work but also various fields including metabolomics, lipidomics, pharmaceutical research, environmental chemistry and polymers.

Published in the Analyst, the new manuscript, Collision Cross Section Calibrants for Negative Ion Mode Traveling Wave Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry, by Jay Forsythe et al., provides drift-tube CCS values for [M-H]- ions of two calibrant series, polyalanine and polymalic acid, and evaluate both types of calibrants in terms of the accuracy and precision of traveling-wave ion mobility CCS values that they produce.